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December 10, 2004

true confessions & cesspool alert

Don Herzog: December 10, 2004

I've been drily amused by some of (must I emphasize "some of"?) the comments here about what leftists are like.  I do not resent the talented and their accomplishments; I admire them; I am not an egalitarian because of envy, resentment, the grubby desire to destroy superiority when I run into it.  This egalitarian character, or caricature, is fun to read about in von Mises and Rand, but I don't even know anyone like him.

Nor am I a big Hollywood fan.  In fact, I've not watched any movies for twenty years now.  The only TV I've watched in that period is presidential conventions, debates, and election returns.  Much of popular culture, when I do bump into it, appalls me.  Those of you who share the sentiment but adore markets had better not blame Hollywood: they're just responding to consumer demand, right?  Those of you who think I am free to use the off button, or not turn it on in the first place, are obviously right, because that's what I've done:  but you might think about the fact, for it is a fact, that this culture is importantly common.  It affects even those of us who choose to ignore it.  And no, this leftist does not think the state should be in the business of solving this problem.  Nor that if only people were as superior and enlightened as I, they would read Henry James and listen to John Coltrane.

So I can't comment first-hand on either of the movies being "discussed" here. But the "discussion" left me genuinely ill.  Last I saw Pat Buchanan, he was raging on about taking back our culture block by block, and somehow I was sure I wasn't in the "our" he was talking about, even though I suspected we had some common worries.  Now I see he's dived into the cesspool and is happily swimming around.  Shame on him.  And woe is us, if this is what television commentary has come to.


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