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February 08, 2005

Spreading Liberty

Gerald Dworkin: February 8, 2005

1)  Ward Churchill has had a talk on his own campus cancelled because of threats of violence. (Update:  The University reversed its position and Churchill spoke the next day.  Another piece of good news: The University of California backed down from its position that a blogger with the website "darksideofucsb" could be prosecuted for using " UCSB" in the url!)
2)  The Chancellor of the University of Colorado is setting up an internal review committee to determine if Churchill should lose his tenured position.
3)  An economist at the University of Nevada, Los Vegas is under attack for asserting in a classroom that homosexuals tend to plan less for the future than heterosexuals ( partly because childless couples tend to plan less than those with children).
4) An item in the New York Times today reports that some firms are firing employees for smoking at home.
Perhaps we ought to start spreading liberty and freedom here at home.


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